Retirement Planning With A HECM

Did you know housing wealth for homeowners 62 years or older is in the Trillions!! This is an astounding number. But even more astounding is the lack of preparation by the senior homeowner market, and financial planners alike, on how to use this important home asset safely and responsibly for retirement.

We have a possible solution for you to offer your borrowers: It’s called a HECM (aka a Reverse Mortgage) and it is an FHA insured mortgage that allows borrowers over 62 years old to access their home equity for anything they want. More and more borrowers are applying HECM proceeds to help with their retirement needs.

Learn more about strategies such delaying social security benefits until age 70, helping pay for long term care, Medicare, and utilizing a HECM line of credit to help get through bull and bear markets.

Contact our HTL Account Executive team and learn how to market and sell the HECM product to your Financial Planner network.

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